Technology introduction

Patents granted (including pending applications)

License Number Item
PAT 218352 Tap with guide thread on the cutting portion
PAT 832615 Bent Shank Tap
PAT 842688 Nut Ejecting Device for Automatic Nut Tapping Machines
PAT 845510 Bent Shank Tap, Insert Type
PAT 883070

West Germany PAT

Bent Shank Tap, AH Tap (Coupler Type)
PAT 931767 Bent shank tap, male thread coupler type
PAT 1095398 Bent Shank Tap, designed to correct eccentricity during cutting
PAT 1162721 Carbide Tipped Tap
PAT 1244931 Tap, Hard Crest Tap
PAT 1916543 Nut Tap with Lead Guide
PAT 3806190 Bent Shank Tap, designed to prevent nuts from slipping off the bent shank
PAT 3927589

US 8,215,881 B2

Korea PAT

Taiwan PAT
Improved Chip Discharge Rotary Cutting Tool and Manufacturing Method for the Same Rotary Cutting Tool
PAT 5360874 Anti-Vibration Bent Shank Tap
PAT 5701554 Guided tap with cutting edge to remove burrs from pilot holes
PAT 5788579

US 10,406,618 B2

European PAT
(Germany, France, Italy)

Korea PAT

China PAT
High-performance, low-torque tap with thread bottom reaming
PAT 5923647 Bent Shank Tap Designed to Prevent Extrusion Marks from the Tap Cutting Edges
PAT 6581497 Suppresses chip troubles that clog the gap between the workpiece and the tap threads
PAT 6791504 Suppression of interference marks on the workpiece's pilot hole at the tap flute crest
PAT 7048092 Reduction of chip clogging issues that frequently occur near the full thread area of the tap

Developed specialized technology

  • Thin nut tapping tandem tap
  • Thread shape deformation prevention tap with tapered thread
  • Underhole burr prevention control route tap
  • Improved tap with excellent cutting chip discharge performance
And so on

Responding to Customer Needs

TAP SAKAI is leading the industry in responding to customer needs.

TAP SAKAI's technology cycles through responding to customer needs, always aiming to provide the optimal product and striving to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Salesmen clearly understand customer needs.
  • Engineers expand and concretize customer needs.
  • Manufacturing produces products that meet customer needs at a high quality level.
  • We will provide feedback on the results of your use and continue the customer needs response cycle in order to create products with higher satisfaction levels.