Message from the President

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our homepage!

Our company, founded in 1939, specializes in manufacturing taps used in the production of internal threads. To meet the manifold needs of our customers and to solve various problems related to tapping, we have been making steady technological improvements to achieve, high productivity and quick delivery despite the short production runs for a variety of tap sizes.

In November 1999. our quality management system was assessed and found to be in compliance with the requirements of International Quality Management Standards ISO9001. Our sales, technical, and production divisions work as a team to provide our customers with the best possible taps to ensure that they are satisfied with the quality, price. and delivery of taps.

Twenty-First Century: The Japanese economy is facing a crisis that has been compounded by the downturn in the world economy, but we are confident that through wisdom and untiring efforts, we will overcome today's challenges. In addition, structural reforms of industries in fields such as information, energy, environment, and welfare will be carried out, and as a result, the twenty-first century shall be the age of happiness and prosperity on earth for all human beings.

With our eyes fixed on the present and the future of technological progress, we will devote ourselves to developing and improving our original technology to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our taps.

We hope you will continue to support and patronize us in the future.

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