Our history

February 1939: Started in Amagasaki City, Japan, as precision-machining division of Sakai Iron Works Co., Ltd. World War II
June 1945: Shifted to 411-1, Sogai, Naka-Cho, Taka-Kun, Hyogo-Pref., due to World War II
June 1952: Separated and incorporated as Sakai Threading Tool Co., Ltd., with capital of \500,000.- (presently \54,000,000.-) Post W.W.II
- Reconstruction
June 1955: Received permission to display the JIS mark on regular hand tap
August 1962: Invented bent shank tap of high-speed steel with #600 (guide thread at chamfer portion) Rapid Economic Grouth
- Focus to the world
May 1967: Invented coupler-type AH bent shank taps (Tap nib and bent shank are mechanically connected by coupler.)
November 1971: Built new factory at 907-90, Sogai, Naka-Cho, Taka-Gun, Hyogo-Pref. (our current location)
June 1974: Received permission to display the JIS 2 class mark on nut taps with metric-sized coarse screw threads
August 1974: Opened main business office at 3-2-10 Tsumori, Nishinari-Ku, Osaka (our current location, main business office)
March 1982: Invented TiN-coated taps - Tougher and More precise
November 1986: Invented lead guide taps, which can prevent reamer action and facilitate high accuracy of nut threads
September 1988: Invented modified tandem taps, which can produce precise threads for thin nuts
December 1994: Invented fluteless taps (forming taps)
February 1997: Opened Nagoya office (current office) - Now field
November 1999: Acquired ISO 9001 Certification
November 2001: Received permission to manufacture the medical tool.
August 2002: Dissolved the capital relationship with Sakai Iron Works Co.,Ltd.
April 2006: Atsuo Hachiuma (ex-President) received Yellow Ribbon Medal
December 2009: Acquired ISO 9001 2008 certification
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